Sherri’s Story

Sherri Meadows Built Her Real Estate Career Rooted in Community and Service

Sherri Meadows is known among her colleagues for being a hard worker, a visionary, and a leader who goes above and beyond. Sherri was instilled with this value from a young age. In high school, she took a part time job with a real estate agency, sparking her interest for the field…and she hasn’t stopped since.

Sherri grew up in the small town of Belleview, Florida, with a love of the land and a love for her family role models. Sherri’s grandmother served her community as a schoolteacher and traveled all over the country. She would always tell Sherri, “never forget where you come from.” Sherri’s father spent his career as the manager of a drugstore and taught her that customer service always comes first. Sherri’s mother was a writer who was highly involved in her children’s lives, and she taught Sherri that every person has value and the power of their own words.

Family is extremely important to Sherri. That’s why she surrounded herself with a team of the strongest and most supportive individuals: her family members. Her real estate career has expanded into a thriving business based in Ocala, Florida. Sherri and her husband, Bert, have reputations as strong, trusted leaders in the industry with a combined 60+ years of experience. They both earned the Designations of Certified International Property Specialist and served as Presidents of Ocala/Marion Association of REALTORS®. Christine, Sherri’s daughter-in-law, is a top sales agent with 12 years of experience, and her daughter Abigail is a REALTOR® and director of marketing and social media who brings technology and personalized service to customers. Both bring a fresh marketing approach to the Meadows Team, while her son Daniel gives his talent in landscaping, maintenance and design, which is crucial for first impressions.

If there’s a will, there’s a way — that’s how Sherri operates. A licensee for nearly four decades, she majored in Accounting at the University of Florida, obtaining her real estate license during her freshman year. She added to her repertoire by obtaining her broker’s license in 1983.

Sherri spent much of her career building Meadows Realty, Inc. into a successful boutique firm. Early in 2013, Sherri took the family business to Keller Williams. Although Sherri served as chief executive officer, she calls herself “chief energy officer,” because she wears many hats to keep her coworkers and her business thriving. Sherri and Bert are also investors in the newly launched KW Gainesville Market Center. The Meadows Team now has two locations, one in Ocala and the second in The Villages, Florida.

Sherri has strived to always push herself and sharpen her skills. She earned the professional designations of Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS), Certified Real Estate Manager (CRB), Performance Management Network (PMN), and is a Graduate of the REALTOR® Institute (GRI), and a Keller Williams BOLD Graduate. She also served as president of the Florida state network of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®, which, at the time, was the largest state network in the country.

In 2002, Sherri led her local association as President of the Ocala/Marion Association of REALTORS®. Sherri comes from a small board, and learned the most valuable lesson in leadership: that everyone’s voice deserves to be listened to. For Sherri, local matters. Home matters.

Sherri Meadows Led One of the Largest State Associations as President of The Florida Association of Realtors®

In 2009, Sherri was appointed to the Marion County Land Development Regulation Commission. In the same year, Former Governor Charlie Crist appointed her to the board of Florida Health Choices Inc., Florida’s health insurance exchange website. In 2011, Sherri chaired the Florida Realtors® Research PAG, which led to the creation of the Florida Realtors® Industry Data and Analysis Department. This benefited all members during an uncertain time in our industry.

Prior to taking the reins at a national level, Sherri Meadows served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and President-Elect of the 155,000-member Florida Realtors®. Then, as President of Florida Realtors®, she advocated for Florida by working with the Governor to reduce the business rent tax, to keep flood insurance affordable for our residents, and to protect and preserve Florida’s waterways. Sherri gave a voice to all stakeholders by adding a seat at the table for the Societies, Institutes and Council Presidents on our Executive Committee. One of Sherri’s top issues as President was advocacy: she advocated for families experiencing homelessness in the state and produced an award-winning community and advocacy campaign rooted in solutions recommended by REALTORS®. The team secured a $20,000 NAR housing opportunity grant to lead the “REALTORS® Believe Tour,” traveling to different regions of our state to raise awareness that housing matters.

That’s the kind of action-inspired leadership Sherri will bring to NAR.

Sherri Meadows Took Her Active and Engaged Approach to Fight for REALTORS® on the National Level

Sherri has an extensive track record of leadership at the national level. In 2016, she served as the Vice President to Government Affairs at the National Association of REALTORS®. Sherri was instrumental in changing the regular format of the NAR Federal Policy Conference, giving the Presidents of the Institutes, Societies and Councils as well as the Multicultural Groups more active roles. She also initiated the first Housing for All Conference in Washington, D.C.

In 2017, Sherri proudly served as the NAR Regional Vice President of Region 5, serving the areas of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. She affected positive change at the national level, involving herself with committees and working to improve our industry and association in any way possible. She believes that you must align an organization’s structure for success, and as Chair of NAR’s Member Audit PAG in 2012, she did just that. Sherri worked with members to lay the foundation for professional standards and open more inclusive lanes for membership. Sherri also chaired NAR’s 2013 REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee and is a member of the RPAC Hall of Fame, because she’s passionate about strengthening grassroots participation.

Sherri understands our responsibility to the land, which is the heart and lifeblood of our industry. She enjoys the hard work, satisfaction, and serenity of working on the family farm. She also served as a Federal Political Coordinator and key contact for over 20 years, traveling from her Ocala farm to the state capitol to the halls in D.C. advocating for REALTORS®.

Sherri Will Always Have a Heart for Service, Community, and the Real Estate Industry

Sherri has committed herself to civic organizations and causes that make a real difference in our communities, such as the Marion County Land Development Commission. Among other accomplishments, She has made it part of her mission to tackle the issue of homelessness. Sherri drove 3,000 miles across Florida during an advocacy campaign to draw attention to the rising number of homeless families.

Above all, Sherri’s main goal is simple: to open doors so residents and REALTORS® everywhere can find their voice and make a difference.

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