Sherri’s 5-Point Plan for a More Effective, Inclusive NAR

1 Transparency  and Accountability

  • Protect our members’ bottom line by increasing budgeting transparency at every level of the association
  • Provide a dashboard that’s accessible to all members, and demonstrates the valued services and member benefits of NAR

2 Advocate for  Real Estate at All Levels

  • Emphasize the importance of analyzing housing trends to overcome barriers
  • Reduce homelessness, support veteran housing, and increase housing affordability
  • Restore the voice of real estate through political advocacy at all levels

3 Professionalism  and Trust in Our Association

  • Foster a culture of professionalism, integrity, and credibility at the core of NAR by strengthening ethics, raising the bar in consumer protection efforts, and providing the best services to members and consumers
  • Provide resources to members and consumers to solidify NAR’s role as the trusted organization on property issues

4 Technology  to Serve Our Members

  • Build on emerging technologies and processes with industry partners, while creating new opportunities to improve our political advocacy efforts, membership outreach, consumer services, and your bottom line
  • Utilize the latest technologies and analytics to serve our members today, while looking ahead to new technology opportunities that improve our tomorrow

5 Inclusiveness  to Unite Our Members

  • Provide inclusive leadership that recognizes the diversity of our membership and empowers every member and group, bringing NAR and its members together toward the common goal of strengthening our association and our industry
  • Leveraging the talents and diversity of our more than 1.3 million members by tapping into our residential, commercial, and other stakeholders